Management Plan

Salt cedar (tamarisk) List B:

Salt cedar (tamarisk) List B: Courtesy Colorado Dept. of Agriculture


Noxious weeds are managed and/or controlled cooperatively throughout the San Luis Valley regardless of geographic or political boundaries to promote and preserve agricultural, recreational and habitat values.


The San Luis Valley Weed Management Association (SLVWMA) is a public and private partnership created to promote awareness and management of noxious weeds through local and regional initiatives in the SLV area.


The San Luis Valley Weed Management Association (SLVWMA) shall consist of valley-wide partners and have a formal committee of not less than 10 members and not more than 20 members. The committee shall have a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary. The committee shall meet monthly and no less than quarterly to facilitate the San Luis Valley Noxious Weed Management Plan. Members of the committee will have to be active members to participate on the committee. More than 3 absences without an excuse will be reason for replacement on the committee.

San Luis Valley Weed Management Association Operations Plan 2016

 Alamosa County Final Weed Management Plan

 Rio Grande County Noxious Weed Management Plan