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High Valley Community Center Pulls for the San Luis Valley

On Sept. 5th the staff and youth at High Valley Community Center in Del Norte wrangled a vicious pest in their midst – perennial pepperweed (aka tall whitetop) – as part of the Weed Management Association’s Pulling for Colorado grant.

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Pulling for the San Luis Valley

July 2014 The Centauri High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) will be helping save the Valley’s water this summer. FFA members will be eradicating as many salt cedar, or tamarisk, shrubs and trees as possible, and learning about the

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What to do with all the weeds?

By Michelle Le Blanc, Coordinator San Luis Valley Weed Management Association The extra moisture this past season pulled a lot of weeds out of dormancy. Weeds don’t stay in town, because their seeds are easily dispersed by wind, water, shoes,

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